Galvanized Waste Bin

Sheet metal waste bins are the ideal solution for those who handle incandescent waste from a fireplace or boiler. Thanks to the all-metal construction, this galvanized container can also withstand freshly glowing ash or other corrosives, but of course also ordinary waste. The waste bins are highly resistant to rough handling and adverse conditions. As a bonus, they are equipped with a rubber perimeter to dampen the noise caused by moving.

Galvanized metal waste bin
with a capacity of 110 liters, weight 15 kg,

  • all-metal construction
  • suitable for glowing ash (boiler, grill, fireplace)
  • material: galvanized sheet 0.8 mm
  • max. load: 44 kg
  • rubber perimeter on the bottom of the container to reduce noise
  • conforms to DIN 6629
  • 3-year warranty under normal use