Bulk Steel Containers

You will find bulk containers suitable for all types of vehicles and superstructures, all of which comply with DIN and EN standards. We have the following types of containers: Abroll, Mulden and Avia.

bulk containers ABROLL

are a suitable solution for the storage and transport of wood, iron, dirt or construction waste. You can choose from different sizes, shapes and colors. If you are searching for a unique container shape and you have not chosen between AVIA and Mulden containers, you can create a custom-made ABROLL container – neither a roller for transporting oversized loads nor a container with a large hinged lid is a problem. Always first-class quality and according to the applicable standards.

  • Customized container – ABROLL
  • ABROLL container 20 m³
  • ABROLL container 30 m³

bulk containers Mulden

are the ideal choice if you need to transfer or store loose, heavy, sparse or watery materials such as gravel, sand or clay. These containers are available in different sizes and volumes. If you need a custom-made chain container that will meet all your requirements, you have come to the right place. We can also equip your container with, for example, lifting lids or tarpaulins to protect the transported material from rain or wind.

If you are looking for a container suitable for smaller vehicles, take a look at our Mulden or ABROLL container range.

  • MULDEN custom-made container – Bathtub
  • MULDEN custom-made container – 5m³
  • MULDEN custom-made container – 7m³

Container with small hook – typ AVIA

Suitable for working with smaller vehicles on different types of waste such as clay, municipal waste, organic waste, paper and plastic. These containers are available in different sizes and can also be supplied with a roof, tarpaulin, net or cage if required. We are prepared for specific customer requirements, so it’s no problem creating a custom-made Avia container to suit your exact needs.

If you’re working with bulk, heavy or liquid materials, reach for Mulden’s full-size containers.

  • Avia custom-made container
  • Avia container 3 m³ low
  • Avia container 12 m³ – Paper cage